Add Allowance Remove Allowance
Add Deduction Remove Deduction
Years Months Days
Period of service relevant to the calculation of pension
Years Months Days
Net No-pay Leaves

As At the Date of Retirement As at 01/01/2020

Reduced % Unreduced % Reduced % 2020 Unreduced % 2020
Percentage entitled if the period of service is 25 years or more
Percentage entitled for the for service of 25 years if the period of service is less than 25 years
If less than 25 years, the deductable percentage at 1% for every 6 months or for each period less than that (not necessary in the event of more than 25 years)
The deductable percentage at 0.2% for one month of no pay or for each period less than that (Circular 9/96)
The net percentage to be taken as basis for the calculation of pension for the Officer after the above adjustments


(Average pension lifetime at 60 is estimated 20)